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Using AWS Lambda and Slack to have fun while saving on EMR costs

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We all have these times where we hack a piece of code together in 5 minutes. Usually, these pieces of code are not hidden gems, they tend to do simple stuff. Every once in a while though, you will find yourself writing a simple script which gives you a big smile afterwards. In this post, I will discuss one of »

Three solutions to track AdWords conversion on Safari 11

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Since the release of Apple's Safari 11 update, there has been a lot going on about measuring Google AdWords conversions. With the release, Apple introduced "Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)". What is Intelligent Tracking Prevention? In short, ITP classifies trackers that are able to track users cross-site. After this classification, a cookie can only be used for 24 hours »

Automate your app growth report with Python and the Google Analytics API

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In March 2015, I launched a web app for the Dutch Railway Services and I like to check up on the growth of the app every other week or so. The analysis used to consist of several manual steps, but I've recently started working with the Google Analytics API in Python. This allowed me to automate my app growth report. »

GAPS: A Personalisation Structure That Sets You Up For Success

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We see a lot of clients that really want to get into personalisation, which is good, because we believe the most effective way for clients to reach their customers is to engage with them on an individual level. The greatest challenge companies face is to keep enthusiasm under control while getting started with personalisation, and making sure to have a »


Getting started with the Google Analytics Reporting API in Python

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In the Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast on R and Python, they mentioned that Python has quite a steep learning curve compared to R, for example when using the Google Analytics reporting API. During my day-to-day activities, I've been using the reporting API in Python, but I've always had help setting things up. This is why I decided to start »